Why Cloud?

How does your business benefit by leveraging the flexibility and scale of the cloud?

Advantages of Cloud Computing:


Lower costs: Avoid large capital expenditure on hardware and continuous upgrades. Invest in capacity on an ‘on-need’ basis and avoid locking precious resources and time on excess capacities. Replace Capex with Opex, and ensure that infrastructure is available precisely when and where you need it.

Adapt to spikes in demand: Future demand for computing and storage capacity is unpredictable! Businesses lose precious opportunities since capacity is often available at the time, demand comes in. Upgrades to traditional infrastructure may take weeks! With cloud – your infrastructure grows with you. For spikes in demand, application testing or for temporary requirements – capacity can be build up or down, while you pay for exactly what you use.

Focus on business: Not about IT: Administering, Monitoring and securing your infrastructure 24/7 is time consuming and expensive. A fully managed cloud solution means that your cloud solution partner fully manages your infrastructure – while ensuring that your data remains safe, compliance is maintained to all regulatory and legal norms, and also being sensitive and responsive to your practical business needs. With extensive experience in managing cloud based infrastructure – your partner can provide the timely advise you need as your business evolves.

Flexibility and Innovation: Business models are ever evolving and the best businesses have to be continuously nimble and adaptable to changes in the market, and to the customers. Your IT infrastructure cannot be a bottleneck! Cloud hosted infrastructure allows rapid deployment of new projects and quick go-live.

Improved Security: Your business must be protected against revenue loss and brand damage. Your business must also comply with strict regulatory and compliance obligations. Moving your business to a cloud environment means that this responsibility is shared by your partner. Your cloud partner will ensure the required resiliency and agility to ensure that your data is safe, secure and protected from security breaches.

Future-proof your business: Future businesses demand that trends like BYOD, wearables, and Virtual Reality are embraced. This required your data to be accessible and available anywhere at any time, on demand – with minimal latency. This is best ensured with a cloud based deployment model.